We heard quite a lot of interesting chatter during our time in Sweden for the XC90 launch, much of which was tied to what the brand will be rolling out during their “re-launch” of the brand in the coming years. One of the vehicles being hinted strongly at was a sports model, to be introduced in a few years after the full Volvo line had been revamped. Late last week, our intel was confirmed yet again, this time by Australian Motoring site motoring.com.au.

In a recent interview with the Volvo’s Vice President of Research and Development Peter Mertens pertaining to the SPA architecture, Mertens said that the platform will allow for anything from a 2+2 Coupe, to a sculptured SUV. “We have to focus on what is absolutely essential right now, it’s the renewal of our existing products and then once that is done are going to think about beautiful and sporty cars,” Mertens told the interviewer.

That’s certainly not to say that the S90’s styling will be an afterthought, though. It will carry through many cues from the XC90, most specifically the “Thor’s Hammer” lights and as a finished product, Mertens says that it is “stunningly beautiful.” We’ll be able to judge for ourselves next year when the car is officially unveiled.

Check out the full article from motoring.com.au, right here.