184000 miles, 2nd owner

All the maintenance records are available and 2 keys

Needs a transmission and power steering rack leaks at the balancing lines.

I have a reman rack separate for sale.

Engine runs strong

Working heater and AC

Everything works, windows, sunroof, locks etc.

All parts purchased from FCP Euro

175k 4 Michelin tire mounted (Costco, winter 2021/2022)

174k radiator replaced Nissans & coolant flush

168k rear brake pads replaced

168k rear wheel bearings replaced

166k XC90 front calipers and rotors & pads installed with new brake lines, spark plugs replaced.

163k front wheel bearings replaced

153k timing belt replaced

153k cv boots replaced, thermostat replaced, fuel injectors cleaned & new o-rings

146k parking brake shoes replaced , rear rotors replaced

145k motor mounts replaced, rear shocks

141k turbocharger control valve replaced

137k fuel filter replaced

Purchased 3/6/2018 from original owner.

Car located in Livermore California, needs to be towed and not able to smog prior to the sale.

Passed smog 12/28/2021. (registration until December 2022)