Volvo has released a teaser video for its upcoming V60 wagon. Leaning heavily on nostalgia, the teaser tracks Volvo wagons through the years, ending with strategically angled shots of the V60.

Based on the same platform as the larger V90, the V60 will share many of its big sister’s styling cues, though allegedly official photos that leaked briefly suggest it will have a few more creases and sharp angles than the 90.

The first of the 60 series cars, the V60 precedes the S60 sedan. That car is Volvo and Polestar’s touring car racer, so we’re still awaiting it with bated breath—though we quietly hope that Volvo will go back to racing wagons and put the V60 on track.

As with the rest of the line, the V60 will be powered by a range of four-cylinder engines with a few induction options and eventually a plug-in hybrid drivetrain.

Volvo will fully reveal the V60 fully at its headquarters on February 21 and will live-stream the event. You can watch that here.