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Volvo V60 airbag SRS code won't clear

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Hi guys! So I had to change the seatbelts on my Volvo V60 2015 plug-in hybrid and now I get an Airbag SRS error on the dash, and on the tester it shows code:
Driver Seatbelt Pretensioner B Deployment Control
  • Resistance too high
  • Permanent
And I just can't get it to clear it. Can anybody explain to me what I should to and how to clear it? Thanks!
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Why did you change out the driver seat belt? Did you install a new or used seat belt? Was the replacement seat belt an exact match for your car? Please provide more detailed history. When you turn on the ign key and/or start the car, the SRS brain does an ohms check on all of the air bags and seat belts. Resistance too high is the connector did not get plugged in or seated properly or it is a used SRS part that was already deployed or a wrong part.
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