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Hello to all 🙂

In a bit of a quandary with my current ride (2011 V50 D3 5 cylinder) really need some help/advice if poss off you guys/girls.

The car has full history, average miles for age, and goes like stink 'once started' but sometimes it refuses to start, it might click, part crank over, or do nothing at all ! and now more recently splutters on firing then cuts out (50% of the time) resulting in me frustratingly turning the key on/off and trying again until it does fire up.

I initially thought the SCU was at fault after looking on the forum pages and it being a common problem on this platform, but now suspect it is something further on after this point ?

So far it has had a new premium battery, all filters/service etc, new fob batteries, and today went to a Volvo specialist for Vida diagnosis all to no avail, his words where 'its a bit of a strange one this' , no fault codes whatsoever ! I said to the guy 'I'm fed up with this, think I might sell it' to which he replied 'see how you go and what develops in the future' he also added it started 90% off the time we had it in, but on a short test run he'd turned it off and then the car refused to start again(momentarily).

Really dont want to bail/give in on this car but just don't know what to do next, I suspect it's fuel delivery, injectors, leaks in hoses maybe but surely it would not run right once started if that's the case ?

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