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Hi, i've been looking around a bit on the forums and been wanting to gather some inspiration for some modifications.
I have a 2014 Rebel Blue V40 D3 Momentum R-Design.
I have been looking at doing a tune for the engine (either BSR or Rica) suggestions open! I have the 5 cylinder 2.0 turbo diesel so not the VEA engine!
Getting a sport airfilter from BSR
Also lowering the car by 30mm
Swapping the side mirror covers to carbon fiber ones. Also considering wrapping the roof in carbon fiber (like the v40 t5 carbon edition has)
Adding Wind deflectors, front and back.
Adding mudflaps front (volvo original)
Possible Chrome delete around the windows? Does anyone have Wind deflectors (black) together with the chrome window outlines? Unsure how it would look.¨
Painting the brake calipers, not sure which coulour. Either silver or gloss black suggestions open!
Would be interesting to see if i can find a shortshifter for my car, don't know if there is one made for it

Regards Daniel

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