With the introduction of a new update for the XC90, Volvo is introducing a new engine designation. Joining cars like the XC90 T8 and the diesel Xc90 D5 in Europe, there will now be the mild-hybrid B cars.

The mild hybrids will take advantage of an updated kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) that takes advantage of new mapping in the brake by wire system to recover more electricity through braking than ever.

In fact, the improved KERS system translates to about 15% better fuel economy over its non-mild hybrid counterparts, says Volvo.

And while the mild-hybrid Bs will be optional for now, Volvo anticipates that it will become the new standard in the lineup by the mid-'20s

Additionally, the T8 "Twin Engine" plug-in hybrid XC90 has also been updated to take advantage of Volvo's new and improved KERS system. According to Volvo, that increases the battery-electric range of these hybrids by about 15%.

The mild-hybrid system will be available first on the XC90 and XC60, while the improved plug-in hybrid system will just takeover in all T8s. The XC90 will be in B5 (gas or diesel) and B6 (gas only) trim, while the XC60 is coming with B4 (diesel), B5, or B6 ( both same as above)

Oh, and the changes aren't all under the hood. The grille has changed ever so slightly, too. Which is nice.

Production on the updated XC90 begins in Sweden in May.