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By: Mike Penny
December 23, 2001

Volvo Unveils Revised S80


The fight for domination in the executive car class is set to heat up with the introduction of an improved Volvo S80 range. The changes herald the debut of an all-new 2.4-liter 5-cylinder turbo engine, priced from $35,531 USD.

Diesel fans will also have a greater choice, with the impressive new D5 unit being offered with an automatic gearbox for the first time.

The BMW 5-Series rival now has colour-coded bumpers, revised 17-inch alloys, xenon headlamps, and rain-sensing wipers. The flagship 2.9 and T6 US bound models will be available with bi-xenons, with the brighter bulb for high beam. Inside, all S80s will boast revised heater vents, which will be matched to the dashboard fabric color for the first time.

Despite the upgrades, prices will remain largely unchanged. However, the automatic is set to carry a premium of $1,582 USD, with the new rain sensing wipers costing $208.62 USD.

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If you go to Auto Express's website, and you'll need to register to surf it, you can go to the article itself. The address is above in the first post. They have a picture of the S80 Executive which is probably very close to how the new S80 will appear. It's a stock Volvo press pic though and nothing all that new. We have it in our gallery. I'll post it here.

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