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<style type="text/css"> <!-- @page { margin: 0.79in } A:link { so-language: zxx } --> </style>Volvo TSD Road Rally – Fall 2016

This will be a TSD (Time-Speed-Distance) Road Rally and you don't want to miss it! Each car will set off with obscure route instructions. By following all rules-of-the-road, you should arrive at various way-points on time, and search for various landmarks along the way. It's like a scavenger hunt in your Volvo! No need for prior road rally experience!

Bring along a spouse, friend, or relative to navigate... or pair up with a partner when you arrive.

Date: Sat. Nov. 19, 2016
Time: 11:00 am - 3:00 pm

Driver / Navigator meeting at: 11:00 am
Starting at: Highland Park Market, 317 Highland Street, Manchester, CT

We'll be heading south from Manchester toward the shore. The first leg (1hr, 23 mins) takes us to a planned pit stop. The second leg (1 hr,19 mins) brings us to a restaurant in Old Lyme where we'll congregate for lunch.

There will be some great twisty roads, scenic views, and lots of Volvo fun!

Photo credit: Rudiger van Oppens‎

Southern New England Chapter | Volvo Club of America
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