Volvo's been on a trademarking spree lately, filing applications in the US for V20 and V30 , and filing the names P5, P6, and more in Europe.

The European trademark applications say that the names P5 , P6 , P8 , P9 , and P10 are for "vehicles and conveyances; Electric vehicles." These would presumably be added after the model name, like in the current XC90 T8, for example.

We know that that car is a plug-in hybrid, so this could be a sign that Volvo is taking the leap and introducing a line of fully electric vehicles.

The applications for V20 and V30, meanwhile, have even less information in them, saying only that the names are for anything from motor vehicles to steering wheels. Judging by Volvo naming conventions, though, these could be the names for even smaller vehicles.

Volvo currently has a V90, V60, and V40 model either planned or on sale. Judging by that, the V30 and V20 imply that Volvo is thinking of making even smaller cars. One of them could even be an all electric car with several trim levels.

That is, of course, just speculation for now. In the meantime, we're awaiting the arrival of the updated V60 later this year.

Reported with the help of Dennis Chung