Hakan Samuelsson

Volvo CEO Håkan Samuelsson is preparing to announce the company's new approach to get autonomous cars on the road. The company will implement Sweden's "Nordic Model," which brings together the public and private sectors with academia to tackle big problems.

A press release from earlier today outlines a speech that Samuelsson will give to a seminar on autonomous driving called "A Future with Self Driving Cars - Threat or Opportunity?" in Stockholm, on Thursday. The speech will be given in front of other industry figures as well as Swedish politicians.

"Autonomous driving has the potential to revolutionize car safety. This technology saves lives," says the CEO of Volvo, the company that recently set for itself the goal of reducing fatalities in or because of its cars to zero by the year 2020.

The move is also practical, though, says Samuelsson, claiming that autonomous cars improve traffic flow, enhance air quality, and save people time, which we all know is money.

Samuelsson's speech will focus on the relationship between the private and public sectors, encouraging them to work together, something that has been difficult in the EU and the US, according to him.

Tweeted a GIF of a multi-directional roundabout[/URL] designed for autonomous vehicles earlier today, showing the many challenges and opportunities that the new technology introduces.