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Stockholm, Sweden - Sweden's Volvo Car Corporation, said on Thursday it would ask to examine about 2,400 Volvo cars in France as part of an investigation into a fatal crash.
Volvo spokesman Ingmar Hesslefors said the action was not a recall but was designed in part to reassure concerned owners of Volvo 850 TDI cars.

"We are doing this as an extra precaution to make our customers happy,'' Hesslefors said. "We won't do a recall campaign.''

A magistrate in Saverne, France, is investigating the accident to decide whether to bring a case to trial.

Volvo said it would use the opportunity to examine the cars to extend its own technical investigation, which it plans to present to the magistrate in November.

"No evidence has emerged in our investigation that the car involved in the accident had been impossible to brake,'' it said in a statement.

"However in the time available it has not been possible to complete all the technical investigations required on the case.''

Two children were killed and one hurt in the accident in June 1999, which the driver has blamed on faulty brakes, Hesslefors said.

"What happened is a tragedy for all parties involved. Our sympathies go first to the families, relations, friends and schoolmates of the children who died,'' Volvo said in a statement.

"We also understand that for the woman who was driving the car and her passenger what happened is very traumatic.''

The next formal hearing in the investigation was scheduled for September 25, Hesslefors said. No cars outside France will be examined.

[Source: Volvo Cars]
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