Volvo has started a pilot for a new valet service for customers getting their vehicle serviced in California.

The project moves the automaker closer to rolling out valet vehicle pickup and delivery nationwide. Pickup and Delivery is part of Volvo's expanding range of connected car features offered through the Volvo On Call platform. Vehicle fueling and car washing are already available in San Francisco and Seattle, where those services will come to your Volvo on demand.

The brand's new digital key sharing is also standard on the XC40 crossover making it easier to let family and friends borrow your Volvo. If you want to let family and friends borrow your Volvo, that is. The on-demand car washes, fueling, and service pickups are likely to be much more popular.

In Europe, Volvo offers services to deliver groceries and other items directly to your car. The automaker plans to add more services like this soon.

The pickup and delivery service also comes with a loaner vehicle, dropped off at home or office. When your car is ready, you can tell the dealer when and where you want it dropped off. As the digital key technology becomes more widespread, you won't even need to meet the Volvo valet at your car for a key swap. Volvo expects to expand the service in 2019.