The automotive world is full of teasers. Hints, clips, and closeups all designed to give us enough information to whet our appetites without giving away too much. Well, Volvo certainly hasn't given away too much with its latest teaser.

Published to its Facebook, Volvo has given us… a sound.

Scarcely more than a note played orchestrally, the only additional information we're given is a hashtag and a conditional statement.

"This could be the sound of your future ride," writes Volvo's social media team before has tagging the whole post #360c. They also ask what we think it could mean.

The truth is, we simply don't know.

A quick look at our nearest conversion chart shows us that 360 degrees Celsius converts to 680 Fahrenheit, which would be a nice temperature to cook a pizza at… Maybe we'll all be driving pizza delivery vehicles in the future? Seems unlikely since some of us would need to be eating all that pizza to make the deliveries make sense.

Others, commenting on Volvo's Facebook page, suggested EVs or autonomous vehicles. Both returned interesting, but no more enlightening responses from Volvo.

A look through Volvo's catalogue shows that Volvo makes an excavator called the EC 360 , but no matter how much we hope to own one, we find it hard to believe that they'll be selling us Excavators for the road anytime soon.

C, though, has been the letter attached to Volvo's coupes in the past. Even those, though, put the C in front of the numbers-as is the case with Volvo's other vehicles.

In a word, we're stumped. Do let us know what you think Volvo is working on. Regardless, though, we're waiting for another hint from Volvo because this teaser reminds us of another obscure teaser.