Irvine, CA – After weeks of intense design work, engineering and testing the Volvo Extreme Gravity car finally got the chance to go head-to-head against competition from nine other major design studios. The results: Grand Prize for fastest car – Volvo! This was a great success for Volvo, considering it was the company's second attempt at the fifth annual charity race to benefit foster children.

As the Volvo Gravity car sped down Jack's Peak drive, in Monterrey, Ca. The sleek, aerodynamic pod hit a winning speed of 54 mph. "I am so pleased with how this car performed today," said Blair Taylor, Gravity Car designer. As the car rounded the steep curves, it stayed stable and smooth. You could feel the force of the Volvo gravity car in your body as it flew by your eyes.

Lars Erik Lundin, VP and General Manager of VMCC (Volvo Monitoring Concept Center) says, "the greatness of this event is the team building effort that has happened here." Achieving top speed in a vehicle without an engine is an integration of design and engineering. "Many people took part in the creation of this vehicle and after much brainstorming and interaction, in end, a winning vehicle was created," said Lundin.

"Overall, we loved the event. It was a fun day of racing and seeing the expressions on the faces of the children during the race made the whole effort worthwhile," says Taylor.

Last year's Volvo entry took the Grand Prize for design. "The art design teachers at the prestigious Art Center College of Design in Pasadena thought we had an excellent design this year," says Lundin. Nissan took the design honor. And, in addition to Volvo's top speed award,…Audi and Bentley took first place in the "best innovation" category, and Chrysler was awarded "individual race champion."

The Extreme Gravity Competition, founded by Don MacAllister of America Works for Kids, is a charitable event that raises money for foster children to help them become independent, working young men and women in the community. Additionally, through Gravity Series, Inc., foster children gain valuable, paid work experience as they become involved in all the aspects of the event. "We had some ups and downs today, but we competed in a safe, fair and innovative way. We had the kids here, and showed the world something that has never been seen before", says MacAllister.

Volvo is excited and looks forward to what may come in the future for Extreme Gravity Racing.

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