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Re: volvo subwoofer option (Dede)

If you buy them outside a dealer, I believe you will still need to get the program installed by the dealer.

My initial reaction when I got the factory sub was that it was not that much better than the premium audio package (sans sub). I have always been a bass head (three JL 10W6s in a 3rd gen RX7 pushed by 600watts - tiny cabin with that many 10s was probably overkill, plus a slew of other cars that I always installed at least one sub in). However, the factory sub has grown on me (or I have grown up). The bass response and power are actually very good. I can't say that it was worth the $1,100 I paid for it (since in most other cars, you could have a nice custom setup made for far less), but it integrates into the system and sounds very clean. If you like the rolling thunder sound though, it may not be enough for you.
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