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Volvo 2000 V70 XC SE - I have an intermittent starting problem that seems to be getting worse but is not a constant. On occasion, when I start the car, it turns over and quickly starts but shuts down immediately at 2000 rpm. It starts and surges to 2000 rpm and then shuts it self off. This morning it did it three times and on the fourth it started right up like nothing happened. Once it starts it's fine until that once in a while problem starting happens again.
I seen several posts about problems that look like mine, but I haven't seen any satisfied people who solved the problem. I just bought a new battery yesterday, because I know I'm going to need a strong source of power for the winter. It usually takes two times and the third it starts. Today was different. Three times, 2000 rpm shut down. Fourth time it started as usual.

Like I said, I've seen all kinds of answers but no one seems to have nailed the problem.

No idiot lights come on. No other indications of the problem. Just sit back and try it a few times. Not to many, or it'll flood and give you another problem.

I'm looking for a solution that someone had to fix this kind of problem.

I've taken it in and of course, never gave the mechanic any problems while he had it.

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