Sales for Volvo were on the up and up this month, as the automaker sold 5.3% more cars in October 2017 than it did in the same month a year earlier.

That hike came as a result of strong demand for the 90 and 60 series in large markets. Sales in China were up nearly 30%, while sales in the USA rose 10.5%. Sales in Europe and the Middle East, though, did take a tumble, down 5%, as compared to October 2016.

The rise in sales was part of a yearlong trend and contributed to the year-to-date total of 461,313 cars sold. That’s 8.6% more cars than in the same period in 2016.

The news is good for Volvo as its new batch of cars and SUVs is driving sales. With another new series expected next year, the 40 series, sales should continue to continue.