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Volvo will reveal a performance-minded S60 Polestar Prototype at the TTA Swedish touring car race meeting at Gothenburg on June 16.

Its powerplant is as yet unconfirmed, but it is rumoured to have a turbocharged Yamaha V8 – perhaps the 4.4-litre unit used in the XC90 – with up to 500bhp rumoured. The same unit tops 650bhp in the Noble M600 supercar. Such a high power output makes four-wheel drive a given, while an automatic transmission will be standard.

Volvo has indicated the concept is to gain feedback and whether more cars will be built is ‘an open question’. Reports suggest the S60 is much more likely to make production than 2010’s 400bhp C30 Polestar prototype, though; despite overwhelmingly positive feedback, the hot hatch never made it into showrooms.

Polestar is Volvo’s official touring car team which competes in the TTA and the World Touring Car Championship. The team is essentially Volvo’s in-house tuning division, in the same vein as AMG to Mercedes. If the S60 Polestar enters production, then Polestar will be well on the road to becoming a proper Volvo performance brand.

Volvo has teased its V8-powered S60 Polestar concept via the video below…

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