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Hey guys,

I am a new Volvo owner and 3 months after buying my first Volvo I have an AC problem.

Here is the thing.

The dashboard blowers don't work. There is a sound that they are blowing and a super light breeze but not like it used to be.
Kind of the same is happening with the feet blowers although not every time. Sometimes they work fine sometimes not.
The front/defroster for the windshield is the only one that works fine.
Temperature works fine.

When I choose upper, middle and lower blowing the middle works but its like it's clogged the lower works fine.
When I choose up and down no middle - the lower's power decreases.
When I choose only up - works fine
When I choose only down - it's like it's clogged
When I choose only middle - it's like its clogged

I read everything there is to read about Damper motors but nowhere does it say how to diagnose them or change the middle ones.
I disassembled both the glovebox and gas pedal side and changed the AC filter.
Saw 2 of the motors but the other 3 seem to be behind the dashboard and I only see one of them moving.

Any help would be appreciated!
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