Volvo Cars remains on a roll, with sales up 12.9 percent globally for this September. It puts the automaker well on its way to a fifth consecutive record sales year.

Last month, Volvo sold 60,622 cars. That's up 12.9 percent from the same month a year before. That's a slightly lower growth rate than the company is showing for the full year, which is at an impressive 14.3 percent.

That year to date 472,553 vehicles means that the company outsold all of 2014 in just nine months of 2018. That's with the new S and V 60 models yet to hit showrooms.

All markets saw good increases last month. Sales in Europe were up 8.4 percent to 29,922, China was up 14.4 percent to 12,205, the US up 10.3 percent, and the rest of the world up a surprising 32.5 percent putting that segment above US sales for the first time this year.

Volvo's bestseller is the XC60 which has moved 134,975 models so far this year. The XC40 is number two at 70,329. The XC40 has managed 48,543 sales edging out the S90 by around 5,000 units sold.