Volvo had a record-breaking 2017, selling a total of more than 570,000 vehicles. That figure amounts to a 7% rise over the automaker's 2016 numbers.

The record-breaking numbers came with one caveat, though, as the brand struggled in December, with sales slipping nearly 4% in the year's final month.

Despite that, the year was positive in every one of the manufacturer's major markets. Sales rose the most in China (25.8%), but grew in the Americas, and Europe and the Middle East (which Volvo counts as one region).

Volvo attributes the success to the new XC60, which is the brand's volume seller, and which was redesigned this year.

The coming year will also be a big one for the brand, with its new XC40 hitting sales floors. The small SUV is designed to bring Volvo's vision of the luxury to the masses, in a smaller, more affordable package. Filled with color and charm, the car should, like the XC60, help drive more sales Volvo's way.