Are you excited for the start of the 2017 World Touring Car Championship? Volvo sure is. Fresh off the team’s stunning debut last season, Polestar Cyan Racing is ready to get racing again and has revealed the race program has been expanded and the team is looking to win the championship this year.

What was initially a three year plan has been accelerated thanks to Polestar Cyan Racing’s excellent performance last year. The team has gotten more resources, which it expects will make the program even more successful.

The difference, says Polestar Cyan Racing in a statement, is threefold. First, there are new drivers. Thed  Bjork returns, while Nestor Girolami and Nicky Catsburg will be new additions this season. Second, there’s been an increase in engineering and technical funding. And finally third, the team’s extensive off-season test program has given it a car it feels could win.

”We have full confidence in the preparations and abilities of the Polestar Cyan Racing team and the driver line-up with Thed, Néstor and Nicky,” said Alexander Murdzevski Schedvin, Head of Motorsport.

“We are by no means expecting an easy time to reach our goal as it has been brought forward one year and the opposition is as tough as ever,” continued Schedvin. “But there should be no doubt about that we have the World Title as our ultimate goal this year.”

That goal will be aided by a new 65,000 sq-ft workshop complete with F1-spec simulator, a fully dynamic engine dyno, as well as new chassis and engine manufacturing centers. With its new arsenal of tools, and an off-season full of testing in Southern Europe, Polestar Cyan Racing is sure that its 400 hp, 2,425 lb Volvo S60 Polestar TC1 race car will be ready to win the championship.

The season starts on April 9 th in Marrackech, Morocco.