Volvo has just come up with a new head-up display. One that wants you to look up. Way up.

Dashboards are cluttered. And they're getting even more cluttered. With not just displays, controls, and buttons, but with safety gear. And styling. So automakers need to find new places to stash gargets and gizmos. This new idea, patented by Volvo, puts the head-up display, well, above your head.

Instead of in the dash, the filing, discovered by Car and Driver, puts the HUD system into the ceiling instead of the dash. The system, which normally use a projector and series of mirrors, moves all the bits from behind the gauge cluster into the headliner.

So instead of the usual HUD image, you'd get a second one. Projected onto what Volvo calls an "optically transmissive roof window." So yes, you'll probably need to look up to see it.

Why? Volvo says it's to reduce clutter in the front display systems and to reduce the number of pages you need to scroll through to find information. Though we can't see them putting essential info like vehicle speed above your normal view like that.

Volvo also mentions in the filing that this could give the ability to check on the car from outside. Look down through the glass roof and you could see status things like fuel status, EV charge, or even just confirm that the car is locked. Of course there's always the possibility that it would be the new replacement for a conventional dash once fully-autonomous vehicles arrive.

Source: Car and Driver