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SOURCE: Ford Motor Company
Ford Donates $5 Million to National Audubon Society

NEW YORK, Feb. 16 -- The National Audubon Society today announced a $5 million grant from Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F - news), the largest corporate gift the National Audubon Society has ever received. The Grant Funds Audubon Projects in the U.S. and Latin America.

Ford's donation, made possible by Ford Motor Company Fund, will support citizen science, education and conservation programs that protect wildlife and engage children and adults in developing an understanding and appreciation of nature that lasts throughout their lifetimes. Projects funded by Ford's grant include BirdSource, the Audubon Important Bird Areas Program, Audubon Citizen Science projects, and the Latin-America-based Schoolyard Ecology Program.

``As we move into the new century, we do so knowing that the planet we inhabit is a complex and fragile one. Our goal is to give people the information they need to think globally and the tools they need to act locally,'' said Audubon President and CEO John Flicker. ``Ford's generous support of Audubon's programs will provide the tools and resources needed to create stewards who recognize the necessity of a healthy environment -- whether they live in the rainforests of Guyana or in Urban America.''

BirdSource, at www.birdsource.org , is a web-based alliance of citizens and scientists working together to identify, track, and monitor bird populations throughout the Americas. Created by Audubon and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, it is a critical tool in maintaining biodiversity while harnessing the potential of citizen science. Ford Motor Company's donation will allow Audubon to upgrade BirdSource technology while adding features that aid users in bird identification and information retrieval. ``Ford's generosity will allow BirdSource to establish itself as the primary technology hub for monitoring of wildlife populations in North America,'' said Flicker.

``We like to invest in long-term educational and environmental initiatives that allow new dialogue and learning,'' said Sandy Ulsh, Vice President, executive director, Ford Motor Company Fund. ``Ford's partnership with National Audubon supports this weekend's bird counts, helps provide more on- line information for consumers and acts as a catalyst to increase community involvement.''

Ford also will fund Audubon Citizen Science directly, becoming the primary sponsor of the Great Backyard Bird Count (February 16 - 19, 2001). As America's premier citizen science project, Audubon's Great Backyard Bird Count relies on amateurs, who observe and track bird populations in their neighborhoods every February. Ford's sponsorship allows Audubon to build and engage a network of more than 200,000 citizen scientists in the U.S. and Canada, who will monitor birds and key environmental indicators in real time. Audubon will also introduce the Great Backyard Bird Count to 10 countries in Latin America and extend its Christmas Bird Count participation there to include 10,000 more participants by 2005.

Finally, Ford's support will allow Audubon to expand the reach of its Latin-America-based Schoolyard Ecology program. Focusing on capacity building and education, the program offers training workshops, materials and manuals filled with activities that teachers can use to focus children's natural curiosity about their surroundings.

Founded in 1905, Audubon connects people with nature through education and experience on the land. Audubon helps children, families, and adults from all walks of life develop an understanding of and appreciation for the environment. Audubon inspires them and gives them the tools to act on behalf of the environment -- in their own homes and communities, as well as on the national level and beyond.

Ford Motor Company is the world's second largest automaker, with approximately 335,000 employees in 200 markets on six continents. Ford Motor Company Fund, the philanthropic unit of Ford Motor Company, supports initiatives and institutions that improve opportunities for those who live in communities where Ford Motor Company operates. Ford Motor Company Fund contributes to organizations enhancing charitable, educational, scientific, environmental, and cultural standards. For more information regarding Ford's charitable giving and corporate citizenship initiatives, log on to www.ford.com .

SOURCE: Ford Motor Company
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