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With April sales up more than 35 percent year on year, Volvo's Overseas Delivery Program is really taking off with customers -- literally.

Through the program, buyers of any new 2002 Volvo receive two free round-trip SAS airline tickets to Europe where they may take delivery of their car at any one of 12 designated locations. Deliveries taken in Volvo's home city of Gothenburg, Sweden, will have the added luxury of a complimentary night's lodging at the SAS Radisson Hotel in Gothenburg, a test drive around Volvo's private track and a tour of the manufacturing plant.

Adding even more excitement to Volvo's Overseas Delivery Program is the rare chance to experience the Volvo Cars Driving Academy. Customers who take advantage of the program can enroll in an exclusive one-day driving course at the academy that highlights steering, braking and handling characteristics. Students practice evasive maneuvers, defensive driving and braking techniques in a variety of challenging conditions, all under the supervision of professional drivers. A $150 tuition fee is all that's required, and graduates receive a personalized diploma along with a tour of Volvo's new Safety Center. Only two of these very special days will be offered in early fall and space availability is limited to a first-come, first-served basis.

"Volvo's Overseas Delivery Program presents a great opportunity for our customers to see first-hand where their car was built and gain a unique perspective on our commitment to safety," said Lasse Magnusson, Overseas Delivery manager. Customers who take advantage of the program, however, are not limited to a strict travel itinerary. "If they choose," Magnusson continued, "owners may take possession of their new car in Paris or London or any one of ten other major cities in Europe and tailor their driving vacation any way they like."

Flexibility remains a strong factor in Volvo's Overseas Delivery Program, but customers may also opt for one of seven other pre-planned "Discover Scandinavia" driving tours that range in length from three to 11 days. Each trek guarantees adventure with routes that wind through centuries-old villages and challenging mountain roads to some of northern Europe's most modern cities. Overnight stopovers are equally intriguing and vary from quaint country manors and inns to full-service hotels. Prices range from $355 per person for three-day adventures up to $1,850 per person for 11-day treks.
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