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Volvo OEM 850 All Weather/Slush Mats (trays)
850 Sedan (P80 Platform) 1993-1997

I pulled these out of my garage and tried to use them in my 1998 S70--they fit but there was too much movement for my liking. These are originally out of a 1993 850 sedan. On the backside is the number "92" and corresponding LH or RH. They are a tan color. They are in good condition. Apparently, I stuck something on the passenger side front and it is somewhat "rolled" around the bottom edge (please see next to last photo). These are the hard plastic type, not the rubber waffle type.

There are only 4--driver side front and rear, passenger side front and rear.

68.00 plus shipping
Please send your zip and I'll quote USPS, UPS and FedEx Ground.
Paypal, money orders and checks accepted.

**these are listed on turbobricks, also**
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