Worried about how fast your new Polestar will be able to go, now that parent Volvo is limiting its cars to "just" 112 mph? Well you don't need to worry, according to a new report.

A spokesperson for Polestar at the Geneva show told Car and Driver they "can confirm that Polestar will not be speed-limiting its cars. That wouldn't fit our performance ethos."

Which makes sense. You wouldn't expect an EV that could hit 60 mph in under five seconds thanks to 402 hp of electric motors to turn off the fun at 112. Even if you're never planning on exceeding the posted limit, knowing the fun police are there waiting can be a turn-off on a performance car.

The decision not to limit Polestars also shows that the brand really does have some independence from mom and dad at Volvo. Because nothing says brash upstart quite like breaking the rules coming down from above. Just ask your folks.