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This is my first attempt to get a Volvo car meet organized, I notice a few members are from Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto. Thinking of meeting up here in Montreal*(or somewhere else is the biggest bulk is from I,E, Toronto or Ottawa), have a picture session, go out to some place and head back to our homes.

Approximate date is: 3rd week end of July. 22nd or 23rd of July 2006

Any other input is welcomed.


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Re: Volvo Meet: Target: Montreal, QC, Canada (MisterDeeds)

Great idea, but you may wish to develop a clear strategy to generate the kind of interest and support that you'll need to draw folks from as far away as TO. Also, your dates conflict with the CVC London Meet, which is very heavily subscribed and draws across Ontario and the NE states.

You may also wish to contact Rob Funnekotter, Canada's Capital Chapter of the VCOA. Rob can provide you with some good tips and possibly promote your event within the Chapter. There are also a bunch of old car guys in Hudson who regularly meet. I'll see if I can dig up a contact for you.

It may help to use Swedespeed to get the word out as effectively as possible. Try posts to the Regional Events and Gatherings - Canada forum. I have seen a lot of folks from Toronto post their events on that forum.

If you want to draw a good core of drivers, a general idea of what you plan to do might be helpful. Picnic on Isle de Montreal (site of the Canadian Grand Prix), or at Canada Place, of a driving tour north of the city, deli run along St. Catherine Street, etc. are examples of the kinds of things that I've seen in the past.

There's also a possibility of arranging support through Uptown Auto -- a very supportive Volvo dealership.

Hope this helps,

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