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Volvo-less for awhile...

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My 06 V50 has been given some trouble for awhile, having to spend time at the shop on a monthly basis... I have been searching for suitable replacements without any success. The only other wagon sold here in Mexico is the VW Golf Sportwagen, with a 5 cylinder 170 hp engine and no stability control (SIC)... Which to me it kills the deal since I drive a lot my Volvo on the twisties and safety is No. 1 priority...

Also wagons are the least popular cars around here, no one wants them (totally stupid that people prefer cute utes and crossovers with poor handling and power)

I got a Ford dealer to take my V50 as a trade in for a 12 Focus hatchback, which at least shares the underpinnings with my V50 and space wise its smaller but still roomy enough with the backseats down.

So for a year I´m going to be Volvo-less, because I´m planning on getting a new V40 when they arrive at dealers in Mexico sometime next year, in the meantime the Focus will be the Bike and Dog carrier...

Its going to be a looong year... I´m sure going to miss my V50 but unfortunately there are any current Volvos that I can buy (V50 was discontinued here in 2006, V70 and XC70 a year before that, XC90 is huge and XC60 is out of my budget).

Most people get in these forums just to complain about their cars... Not my case. I´ve had 4 Volvos (an S40, two V40s and my V50) and they are AWESOME CARS...

I´m sure the new V40 is going to be awesome once I can get my hands into one...
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Yes we did have the Focus RS but it was a limited edition car, all of them are fluorescent green and driven by punk kids with rich parents. They don´t sell it anymore since the Focus change to the 2012 model.

I have confirmation from Volvo Mexico that they will launch the V40 here. But still no details about engine options. I´m guessing a 1.6 turbo for sure and hopefully the 2.0 liter turbo with 240 HP. Both are engines available on our Mexican spec S60.
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