Volvo shocked the world last year by claiming that it would only offer electric vehicles after 2020. Then we all had to reel in our shock when we found out that the motoring media had fumbled and it turned out that they just meant that everything they made would contain some electrification (be that simply a mild hybrid system or more).

Now, though, Road and Track reports that we were right to worry for the Volvo internal combustion engine because the brand won't be spending any more money on developing new engines. Just motors.

Now, this generation of engines is still pretty recent ( the three-cylinder was only revealed last week, after all ), so it still has a lot of life left in it, but Volvo is making a big bet on electric.

By funneling its development budget away from engines and toward electric motors, Volvo is making a clear statement about its future ambitions. That said it does still have a lot of time to get there and by adding the "twin engine" plug-in hybrid moniker to more and more models it's three- and four-cylinder engines will be able to live on a little longer.

And that might turn out to be good news for drivers, because Volvo plans to put more powerful, higher-revving electric motors in its plug-ins that will send all of their torque to the rear wheels. That means that future Volvos will have a rear-wheel bias and I, for one, can't wait to see an XC90 do some donuts.

Volvo also revealed that it plans to spend some time and effort making its platforms lighter. Lightness, though, will continue to be subordinate to safety and the use of Swedish steel when the updated SPA platform comes in 2021.

[source: Road and Track ]