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Detroit, MI -- Volvo Cars was recognized for its seat belt awareness campaign at the annual Urban Wheels Awards in Detroit. "Safety is a core value at Volvo. We've been concerned about safety for 75 years," said Thomas Anderssen, Executive Vice President of Marketing, Volvo Cars of North America, LLC. "Who better to be involved in promoting safety," he said.

Studies show that seat belts save lives, however the statistics for the use of seat belts with the African American and Latino communities are alarming. In the United States the percentages for those using seat belts is 75 percent, however in the African American community the rate is only 51 percent.

To bring attention to this important issue, Volvo teamed up with The Edward Davis Education Foundation, On Wheels, Inc. and The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to launch a national Buckle Up For Safety! Campaign. The "Buckle Up For Safety!/Volvo For Life" initiative was introduced in 2000 by Volvo.

Presented to Volvo for sponsorship of the "Buckle Up for Safety!" campaign, the Certificate of Appreciation states, "through your generous efforts, scores of African Americans and Latinos have been educated on the perils of driving without seatbelts, and on properly restraining children in booster and child safety seats."

Volvo Cars of North America, LLC (VCNA), is a subsidiary of the Volvo Car Corporation of Goteborg, Sweden, which will be celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2002. VCNA provides marketing, sales, parts, service, technology and training support to Volvo automobile retailers in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

The 2002 Volvo automobile line includes the sporty S60 and the new S60 AWD, the flagship S80 luxury sedan, the versatile V70 wagon and rugged Cross Country, C70 Coupe and convertible, and the compact S40 and V40 models.
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