Volvo marked another excellent sales month, putting it even closer to yet another year of record sales for the automaker.

In August, Volvo saw 43,361 vehicles delivered. That's up 14.5 percent over the same month a year before. It puts the company at 411,931 for the year, which is coincidently also up 14.5 percent over the same period in 2017.

All markets saw an increase, though the biggest percentage increase came from outside it's three largest markets. Sales in the US were up 12.2 percent to just under 9,000 vehicles. China, which is quickly approaching the volume of all of Europe, saw sales up 18.4 percent to 11,386. Europe saw less of a gain up 4.9 percent to 14,293 sales.

The rest of the world saw sales volume of 8,082, up 33.6 over August 2017. The total year to date sales figures saw the Swedish automaker top 400,000 to hit 411,931. Compare that with 359,798 for the same eight months of 2017.

Top model continued to be the XC60, and the new model accounts for much of the company's growth, hitting 116,318. The XC90 was next with 61,949.

Volvo Cars has set a target of hitting 800,000 vehicle sales per year by 2020, and it wants to do it without adding new models to the lineup. If the current growth rate continues, the company is likely to hit over 650,000 sales this year and looks to be on target to hit that goal.