Volvo is partnering with The Petfinder Foundation to raise pet safety awareness and to help find some good doggos a new home.

Volvo Cars and The Petfinder Foundation will be holding pet adoptions at the charity preview of the Chicago Auto Show February 9th and on the first public day of the show, the 10th. It's to raise adoption awareness and show off Volvo's line of pet restraints.

Volvo has long been known for their near-obsession with safety, and keeping your pet safe in the car is better for you and them. A 75 lb dog that is loose in the car is suddenly a 3,000 lb force in a crash at just 25 mph. A low-speed impact that could be lethal for you and your dog.

That's why Volvo has introduced a line of pet accessories to help reduce that risk. They offer a load compartment divider, steel grille, and dog gate that can keep your dog safe in the back of your Volvo. The gate even features a locking handle to keep your pup from jumping out into traffic.

If you keep your dog in the rear seat, Volvo has a harness that keeps it from moving around and from being thrown out of the car or into the front passengers in a collision.

Volvo is donating $10 from the sale of every restraint to The Petfinder Foundation. They are available at Volvo dealers or at Volvo's accessory website .