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I am selling the steel wheels from my Volvo 850. These are the original wheels from my Volvo. I no longer need these wheels as I now have alloy wheels. Need to clear up my garage space.

Come with Primewell 195/60/R15 tires. 2 tires at more than 50% life left. 2 at about 25%.

Wheels balance out with no vibrations, but one wheel is currently off balance. It needs a really good balance, which it did not get to be vibration free. I used these wheels to commute 130 miles per day highway for about 4 months, and it did not bother me that much.

Please look at photos to determine condition.

I am asking $100 obo picked up in Indianapolis/Bloomington Indiana areas. I do not believe these wheels are worth shipping.

PM to get my phone number if you wish to discuss. Please ask me any questions or for more pictures.

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