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Originally posted by InDy:
News Section
Friday, August 23, 2002

Volvo Feels Pinch As Hot S80 Is Axed

Insiders at Volvo say the flagship S80 V8, which was set to debut at January's Detroit Motor Show, has fallen victim to cost-cutting at parent company Ford.

While the car had the support of ex-Premier Automotive Group boss Wolfgang Reitzle, efforts to produce a luxury Volvo will now focus on the V90. A V8 version will lead the attack on the BMW 7-Series and Audi A8. This is likely to debut at Detroit alongside a facelifted edition of the S80 2.9 and S80 T6.
Wow, very surprising news. Dissapointing IMHO.

Is there a market out there for a $60-80k luxury wagon?

Well, you will not see me crying over this as I was, from the beginning, against such idea. An S80 with a V8 would definitely crash and burn should it have to compete with higher end cars. Forget the 7-series, etc.

Even the V90...first of all, that car is a wagon, how is it going to compete against the BMTroubleYou (really troublesome car!) 7-series and a car like the A8 Avantissimo (if it ever makes it, what a beauty!)? Volvo will have to stop DREAMING and end these half-ass attempts at haute luxury. If you are going to put out a car to go against the 7-series or the A8, you better be on top of your game or else. Having a V8 is only a small part of the puzzle. You must have either RWD or AWD (forget FWD, it won't work), you better have a B I G platform, and enough creature comfort features that will put to shame any competitor (remember, you will be trying to enter a NEW area). You better be willing to MSRP that car at ABOVE $65,000 in order to lend credibility to the whole effort.

I don't know. I think attempts like this, will make Volvo a lesser brand. It is already retreating (strategy-wise) from "luxury" to "near luxury"...

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