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Re: Volvo factory wheel help (robcampbelljr)

Quote, originally posted by robcampbelljr »

What is the diference between the tian and the peagus wheel? And will the !8 peagus wheel fit on my 1996 850?

titan came only on the 1995 850 t5r in a dark graphite color.
soft, narrow width, and expensive.
fits nicely with 205-45-17, 215-40-17. maybe will be ok with 215-45-17. maybe ok with 225-40-17.

pegasus came on the s60r/v70r. silver, anthracite
fairly strong, almost half the price of a titan
17x8 or 18x8.
if u go 18, get 225-35-18. these are the proper sizes. 225-40-18 an 215-20-18 will fit on the rim, but will chew up ur fender liners.
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