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Hello Volvo enthusiasts!

Who am I
I am Tim, 34 years old living in the Netherlands with my wife and 2 daughters (age 1 and 3).

Why motorize
I always wanted a car, but we could barely afford it because we are on a single income. I commuted to work by train everyday - taking approximately 2.5hours each day. With the pandemic, my wife feared that commute would increase the chances of me contracting Corona. As we want to minimize this risk for our family I suggested we get a car:)
Of course, the commute being 100kms and Dutch fossil fuel prices being what they are (gasoline: 1.5euro/liter..), we first started to look for a small car, like Vw lupo or Up!. Then, 'we' realized a small car may not be very safe in a collision, so we looked for bigger cars - that's when I started including 'Volvo' and 'V70' in my queries.

2d gen V70s are cheap in Holland, for a few hundred euro's you can get a decent one if you are not put off by the high mileage. We soon settled on a 2002 V70 with LPG system (aftermarket). It only clocked 450,000 kms and was well taken care of. Having driven the car for 16000 kms now I can say that it has been a great experience. It has never failed (knock wood), takes us everywhere and is extremely roomy. The LPG system works great and makes the car cheap to drive; I spend less than 60cents per liter on fuel, and average north of 8kms per liter LPG.

Maintanance and repairs
The car is cheap and old, so I try and do the maintanance as much as I can myself. So far, no big repairs:
I have changed the air filter and the spark plugs.
Several lighting relays and bulbs replaced
Changed the driver power window switch, because the little joystick was broken
I had the DIM professionally resoldered(180euro), after aborting my own efforts when I was doing more harm than good

Why join forum
I checked the rear power window relays and subsequently got a DTC related to the airbag system that my cheapo OBD scanner nor OBD2 software can clear. Therefore I came here to find out how to get Vida, but I will probably stay beyond that. With these forums you always 'come for the tech support, stay for the company'. I guess it was only a matter of time before I integrated into the biggest and friendliest Volvo community:)

Best, Tim
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