If you had to guess what this simulator was for, what you say? That’s right, Volvo is making its cars safer by making a virtual reality driving simulator.

The sim is being built to let drivers drive a real car remotely. That allows Volvo to simulate any number of scenarios with a real car on a real test track with real drivers, without real consequences.

Drivers can be exposed to real and imaginary safety systems and driver-assistance systems. That lets engineers gain insights into how real drivers interact with safety systems in simulated real-world conditions.

“By using this cutting-edge technology, we are exploring and leading the development for creating safe cars in the future. It’s great to play a part in that,” said Casper Wickman, Senior Leader of User Experience at Volvo’s Open Innovation Arena

The setup itself sounds pretty impressive, too. It combines a VR headset with a moving driver’s seat, and a steering wheel with haptic feedback to simulate driving with as much fidelity as possible.

The sim has been designed with Varjo, experts in virtual and mixed-reality systems from Finland, using the Unity game engine.

“Working together with great companies such as Varjo, Unity and Teslasuit has allowed us to test so many scenarios that look and feel totally real, without having to physically build anything,” said Wickman. “It lets us test drive actual cars in traffic scenarios that look and feel real but can be adjusted at the touch of a button.”