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I live in the Philadelphia area and have a 2006 S60R 6spd Man. I have owned a few Volvo's but always went to the dealership. My last car was a CPO so I had to go to them to maintain the warranty. Tbh I love my dealer (keystone volvo berwyn). But I never modified any of my past cars and I want to build this one properly (just bought it from Chicago and drove it the 700 miles to Philadelphia).

I'm wondering if anybody knows a capable shop within an hour of Philadelphia that can basically turn my s60r into a 400hp (at the wheels) sleeper. I know of a few places that build japanese cars, and a few independent volvo mechanics for stock volvo's. But I can't find anybody that knows how to really turn this car into a show car. I know of places 3 or 4 hours away but I'm trying to avoid that.

It currently has a stage 2 hilton tune which is ok, but I need a shop that I can trust to help me get it feeling like a solid new car again (will most likely restore the car, interior, paint, etc etc) that can then modify it afterwards. I drove a few s60r's and this car feels very loose, and the steering is all over the place. The exhaust is also rusted and needs to be replaced. So I ordered everything from IPD (bearings, tie rods, control arms, dust boots, brakes, rotors, bearings, turbo back exhaust...and more I just don't have the list). It will also poss need a new rear axle (idk was told it was leaking by a volvo dealer in chicago but an indy guy said it was nothing). The clutch is new, the slave is new, angle gear is stock but seems to be fine (will get checked, car has 80k miles), the car is fantastic other than the steering and cat delete (I hate the smell so much).

I don't want to do a $10,000 build right away, because it's a bad idea to add power to a car that isn't safe feeling lol. But I want someone capable of doing that $10,000 build to do all the current stuff so they know the car when the time comes in the next year or 2. I'm pretty sure the volvo dealer won't do the downpipe and exhaust installation. And I would need to re-tune the car with Hilton before it can be driven after it's installed which would be almost impossible at the dealer with their constraints. So if anybody knows a shop that can I can trust to modify my R I would really appreciate it. TIA
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