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Volvo Classic Car Adventure! PANAMERICANA - PANAMA to ALASKA July-August 2014.

Organized by the Volvo Club in the Netherlands...


Tour Site...


Information/Contact in English at...


(text repeated below)

The organizers seek contact with USA-based Volvo Clubs/Groups that would join/support the Tour at chosen locations.

Limited to Classic Volvos - 140 Series and older (and various oddball models).

This 13,460 kilometer drive (8,363+ miles) will be a real adventure!

You will want to be in fine physical condition and your Classic Volvo also.

George Dill
Volvo Classic Car Adventure! PANAMERICANA - PANAMA to ALASKA July-August 2014


The big adventure, through North and Central America, in your own classic Volvo car.

Through the untouched wilds of Alaska and Canada. Through the hunting grounds of the Grizzly Bear and the Inuit Eskimos, the descendants of the original inhabitants of the American continent, who crossed over the Bering Strait from Asia 12,000 years ago.

A journey through the Rocky Mountains, including visits to the many national parks. Denali in Alaska, with Mount McKinley (the highest mountain on the continent) and Glacier and Yoho in Canada.
And in the USA: Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Dinosaur, Capitol Reef, Arches, Zion, Bryce, Monument Valley and, of course, the Grand Canyon.

A journey through the “Wild West”, the old territory belonging to the Sioux, the Comanches, the Apaches and the Navajos. The adventurous land of Billy the Kid and Buffalo Bill.

A route that leads along a section of the most famous classic route of all times: the “ Route 66”
We will follow the route from Williams via Seligman and Kingman to Oatman. And from there, of course, to Las Vegas.

We will start off in Panama with a wonderful journey through tropical Central America, following a route through Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua. After a visit to Palenque, the mythical centre of the Mayas, we will follow part of the classic rally route in Mexico, the “ Carrera Panamericana”. Via the Popocatepetl, the highest volcano in Mexico, to Teotihuacan, the old capital city of the Tolteken.

A journey of many contrasts.

Through all the climate zones: from the tropical jungle in Central America, through the desert region of Arizona and Nevada to the land climate of northern Canada and Alaska.

A journey full of beautiful nature, culture and adventure.

A unique adventure belonging to the category: “once in a life time”

A long and difficult journey only for the real adventurers, who consider it a challenge to spend long hours behind the wheel of a car. A journey for go-getters.

“On long journeys you meet special people”


The journey begins in Panama.
An introduction to the vibrant world city of the same name that was still part of Great Colombia 100 years ago. After picking up the car, there will be a rest day so that you can acclimatize to the tropical environment and go and admire the new “Panama Canal”. Via the Pan-American Highway the route leads through the countries of Central America.
From Panama we will travel to Costa Rica. Here you will be able to participate in an excursion through the tropical jungle, the Montverde cloud forest, with a visit to El Arenal, the booming volcano.
We will drive via Nicaragua to San Salvador. Travelling along a transit route through Honduras we will arrive in Mexico via Guatemala. You will have the opportunity to visit the old Maya city of Palenque.
In Mexico, we will follow an inland route via Oaxaca to Mexico City. We will drive along the track of the Carrera Panamericana, the Mexican equivalent of the Mille Miglia. We will pass the Popocatepetl, the highest volcano in Mexico, and travel to the old capital city of the Tolteken, Teotihuacan. From here we will drive through a mountainous landscape to the Atlantic coast area and from there in several long stages, over hilly and uneven terrain, to the border with the United States of America. At Los Mochis you can pay a visit to the “Copper Canyon”, the Mexican equivalent of the Grand Canyon.
We will cross the border at Nogales and will then drive through the desert landscape of Arizona to Flagstaff. From Flagstaff we will visit the south rim of the Grand Canyon. After this awe-inspiring experience we will drive along part of the historic Route 66. We will follow the route via Williams, Seligman, Kingman to Oatman. And from there we will drive to Las Vegas.
In this world famous gambling centre we will experience an unforgettable night. And after that on to Death Valley. After Las Vegas we will continue along the route through Utah and Nevada to the national parks of Zion and Bryce. We will pass the Grand Canyon near Page and drive through the beautiful scenery of the “Painted Desert” with its Indian reservations to Monument Valley. Here, of course, you will be able to take the most beautiful photo of the whole journey before arriving in Moab via the “Arches” National Park. We will drive via Moab to the Canyonlands NP to Salt Lake City. A visit to the great salt lakes will, of course, be included in the programme. We will then drive along a beautiful route through the Rocky Mountains to Yellow Stone NP. At this point we will have a rest day so that we will have plenty of time to visit the park. We will then continue on our way through the states of Wyoming and Montana in the direction of Canada. We will drive to Calgary via the Grand Teton NP to Calgary and stay overnight near Banff. The route along the Ice Fields Parkway from Banff to Jasper is classed as being one of the most beautiful in Canada.
After Jasper we will be leaving the “civilized” world. We will drive along beautiful roads to the great Canadian wilds. A route through natural surroundings covering long distances via Grande Prairie and Fort Nelson to Whitehorse. From Whitehorse we will drive through the gold diggers’ area around Dawson City. You will be able to try your luck with a sieve in the Klondike River, famous for the Gold Rush at the end of the 19th century. We will drive to Fairbanks, the most northerly city of this journey. We will cross the border with Alaska, “the last frontier” on the “Top of the World Highway”.
And then we will continue on the last stage via the Denali National Park, with Mount McKinley, to the finish in Anchorage.
Here we will conclude an unbelievable journey through a magnificent region in a fitting manner.
The Panamericana has been completed. What an experience!

Travel Plan - The journey will take 5 weeks during the period July - August 2014.

Stages of varying lengths are a feature of the itinerary and there will be regular rest days. These days are meant for car maintenance, but also for excursions so that you can get to know the country, the people and the culture.

The provisional travel plan is as follows:

No Day Date From To Distance

0 Sunday 13 July Amsterdam Panama Flight
1 Monday 14 July Panama Pick up cars
2 Tuesday 15 July Panama Panama Canal
3 Wednesday 16 July Panama David 450
4 Thursday 17 July David San Jose 350 Costa Rica
5 Friday 18 July San Jose Excursion
6 Saturday 19 July San Jose Managua 420 Nicaragua
7 Sunday 20 July Managua San Salvador 500 El Salvador
8 Monday 21 July San Salvador Antigua 270 Guatemala
9 Tuesday 22 July Antigua San Cristobal 450 Mexico
10 Wednesday 23 July San Cristobal Palenque
11 Thursday 24 July San Cristobal Oaxaca 630
12 Friday 25 July Oaxaca Mexico 400 Popocatepetl
13 Saturday 26 July Mexico Excursion
14 Sunday 27 July Mexico Guadalajara 540
15 Monday 28 July Guadalajara Los Mochis 910 Copper Canyon
16 Tuesday 29 July Los Machis Nogales 750
17 Wednesday 30 July Nogales Flagstaff 520
18 Thursday 31 July Flagstaff Las Vegas 400 Grand Canyon
19 Friday 1 Aug Las Vegas Death valley
20 Saturday 2 Aug Las Vegas Page 440 Zion, Bryce
21 Sunday 3 Aug Page Moab 440 Monument Valley
22 Monday 4 Aug Moab Salt Lake city 380 Arches
23 Tuesday 5 Aug Salt Lake City Yellowstone 520
24 Wednesday 6 Aug Yellowstone Yellowstone
25 Thursday 7 Aug Yellowstone Calgary 890
26 Friday 8 Aug Calgary
27 Saturday 9 Aug Calgary Jasper 420 Ice Fields Parkway
28 Sunday 10 Aug Jasper Fort Nelson 990
29 Monday 11 Aug Fort Nelson Whitehorse 950
30 Tuesday 12 Aug Whitehorse
31 Wednesday 13 Aug Whitehorse Dawson 530
32 Thursday 14 Aug Dawson Fairbanks 620 Top of the world
33 Friday 15 Aug Fairbanks Anchorage 580 Denali
34 Saturday 16 Aug Anchorage Car to port
35 Sunday 17 Aug Anchorage Amsterdam Flight


The provisional route will be driven in 2013. After that the final itinerary will be established.

The itinerary, with information about the route as it will be driven from day to day and a description of the cities, various parts of the country and the attractions that we will be visiting, will be put on the new website: www.indiantrail.nl

Participants - Owners of a Volvo Classic car – the Duet, the Cat-Back, the Amazon, the Volvo 140, the Volvo 240, the Volvo 164 and the P 1800 – can take part in the “Volvo Classics – Panamericana/Indian Trail” journey. Both participants should be in possession of a valid driving license.

The number of participants is limited to 60 teams. We will drive in 2 groups each with 30 teams. It has still to be decided whether the groups will drive on the same day or if one group should drive one day earlier or one day later than the other group. This would mean that the groups only come together during rest days.

The journey is being organized in cooperation with the “Volvo Club of America”. Members of this club may also participate.

Costs - The costs have been estimated at 7,400 Euros per participant, based on 60 participating teams (2 people with 1 car). Included in this budget are: the entire travel programme, the hotels based on double rooms, the transport of the car by ship from Antwerp to Panama and the return from Anchorage to Zeebrugge, the flight from Amsterdam to Panama and the return from Anchorage to Amsterdam, the organisation, the route book, travel guides, medical support and technical support by the teams of car mechanics. The cost of the visa, customs, insurance and fuel is not included. Further information will be given at a later stage. The final cost of the trip will be fixed 3 months before departure. Payment should be made in 4 installments. The first installment is the registration fee and amounts to 800 Euros per participant. The registration fee will, in principle, not be refunded. You will be informed later on regarding payment of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th installment.

Technical matters and safety - All participating cars should be in perfect condition and well maintained.
The cars will be inspected in advance by members of the Technical Team. The inspections will be made in spring 2014. Further information regarding locations and dates will follow in due course. Participation will only be permitted following written approval by the Technical Team. During the trip technical support will be provided by two “technical teams”.

Information - You can find more detailed information on the new website www. indiantrail.nl

Registration - It is possible to make a definite registration from 1 January 2013 at 12.00 pm by sending in the participation form and payment of the registration fee (800 Euros per participant).
The order of receipt of the registration form and fee will play a determining role in the selection of the participants.


Organisatieteam Volvo Classics - Pan Americana
p/a Fred Postma
Sportsingel 26
8341 AS BANT (N.O. Polder)
E-mail: [email protected]

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This sounds so awesome!
Indeed it is!

This same group toured the USA back in 2003 (popup blockers "ON")...


...and let me tell you these folks are ORGANIZED!

99 Classic Volvos trundled out of New York and 99 made it to the Left Coast.

An advance party (paid professional travel organizers from Europe) runs a day ahead to square all the excursions and numerous support crews follow the route.

These people love to party!

And not a bum among them.

Note: in the route posted above there appears to be a hickey as Google Maps keeps back-tracking when I key in the destinations somewhere in Canada or Alaska. Still working on that one.

George Dill

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This looks like so much fun! Too bad I don't have a classic Volvo, don't have the time, and couldn't justify the $10-$15K each.

Maybe after I hit the lottery :(
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