There are some truly bizarre, obscure holidays out there. National Hug-A-Plumber Day doesn't have the same cachet as, say, a Christmas or a Halloween, but it's still a thing.

And Volvo Car USA, along with Uber and the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), want to make today - November 14th - "National Seat Belt Day". We rather doubt it will catch on quite like Christmas has, but that's not for a lack of merit. Seat belts save lives, and yet, four out of five adults admit to not wearing one during short trips or while riding in the backseat of a taxi or rideshare vehicle. That's according to data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

Volvo knows a thing or two about automotive safety. The Swedish automaker pioneered the three-point seat belt in 1959, before making the patent available for free to other automakers. In the sixty years since, the seat belt has saved an estimated one million lives.

"The safety belt is still among the most important safety features in the car today," says Volvo Car USA Product and Technology Communications Manager Jim Nichols. "We are proud that the three-point safety belt has endured over the years and is now featured in every vehicle sold."

Seat belt laws are in effect across the entirety of the United States, but the rules - and how they are enforced - vary state-by-state. And of course, even if laws were consistent across state lines, identifying drivers and passengers in violation of the law is exceedingly difficult; it's hard to tell whether a driver is buckled in while they whiz past at 70 miles an hour.

The only feasible solution to these issues is working to promote seat belt use and encouraging motorists to take responsibility for 100% usage within their own vehicles.

So with that, Happy National Seat Belt Day. Buckle up, America!