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I brought my S60 T5 in for it's annual oil change and service to Volvo Cars of Manhattan yesterday. These guys know what they're doing. Very professional, excellent service. They practically detailed my car before giving it back to me - thoroughly cleaned inside and out. Very impressive for a dealership that's virtually new, three months in business.

If you're in NYC, esp. Manhattan, don't hesitate to give them a call if you need service. (they're on the west side, 619 West 54th St.)

(They service Maserati there as well, and the showroom still has Maserati signage from days past when Maserati's were sold there. Now it's only Volvos in the showroom, Maserati having moved downtown to a new space.)

I bought my Volvo from Manhattan Volvo, who used to be in the adjacent building. When they went out of business in August '014, I was forced to drive out to the suburbs, many miles away. No longer. hallelujah. I can walk to VCoM if necessary. (the dealer in the 'burbs, was just ok, didn't wash the car, and actually lied to me about replacing wiper blades - they were invoiced, but not replaced!)
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