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Volvo Cars and Swedespeed!

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I thought you all might find this interesting. Since one of the members of Swedespeed has been searching for a 1995 Yellow 850 T5-R wagon, I actually wrote to Volvo Cars North America asking them how one might find such a rare car. This is exactly what they wrote back to me:


Dear Drew,

This is a pretty rare Volvo but you may be able to find one on the internet. Try sweedspeed.com. Cars are also listed for sale in the Volvo Club of America magazine. Their phone/fax number is 607-639-2279. Good luck in your search.

Drive Safely,
Frank Brescia
Volvo Cars of North America
Pretty cool huh?


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I should probably just keep quiet, but did anybody notice that they sent you to a Saab site? (sweedspeed.com) I'm sure it's just a typo because I've seen "Sweden" spelled "Sweeden" quite a few times. Still, that's pretty cool.
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