I need to sell my “project car”. 2008 Volvo C70 with blown head gasket. The engine starts, but as far as I understand, all blown head gasket symptoms are there:
-Water disappearing
-In dipstick the engine oil is not actually engine oil, but coffee color “sludge”. Even after just changing the oil.
-After 8 minutes of idling, lots of white smoke from tailpipe. Then at about 8:45, engine Just stutters and dies.
-At about 7:30 water starts dripping from the tailpipe. At worst lots of dripping. I do have video of this.

Something good:
-The engine actually works, the car can be driven, even longer than 8 minutes, IF the coolant cap is loosened (no water pressure build up?)
-The roof mechanism works without a glitch. I have lowered and raised the roof maybe 30 times without a problem.
-Original beautiful wheels are beautiful.
-New timing belt.
-New spark plugs.
-New accessory belt.
-New “other belt”.
-Two sets of new beige seat covers. Not installed yet.

I have no title or registration, I bought it from salvage auction. So I am basically selling the car without engine, for parts. I believe the engine is “a goner”, and I do not know any of its history. There is nasty screeching sound when I rev the engine. I cannot store anything at my current place, all needs to be taken away.

$1200 or best offer in about one weeks time. Seriously, I am selling to best offer.