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Volvo C30 T5 hesitation on hard acceleration and whistling/sighing noise

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Good morning all. First time poster.

Currently driving a 2013 C30 T5 Auto and whenever I accelerate hard (kickdown), I first get this hesitation/hold back, a loud whistling noise (sounds almost like a loud sigh), then about 2 seconds later it goes like nothing is wrong. No EML on cluster and when driving normally (normal acceleration or cruising), I don't have any issues. Normal diagnostic reader doesn't show any faults (2 different machines used).

Also, recently my 'Instantaneous fuel consumption' is erratic, while cruising it will drop to 0.2L per 100km and then after a few seconds jump to 22.0L per 100km, so I am thinking I might be dealing with a fuel supply/fuel reading issue, if these 2 issues are related.

Can anyone point me in the right direction or has anyone suffered with the same issue before? Previously we did a boost leakage test and it was fine but it wasn't done with any sort of load.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts