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Volvo Buys Industrial System From Cell Network

STOCKHOLM, Sweden --Volvo Cars is buying four computer systems based on Cell Network's test system, Comtest.

Worth a total of approx. SEK 8.7 million, the contract commits Cell Network to all aspects of the project, and the systems will be delivered to Volvo as a turn-key installation at the beginning of April 2002.

The order relates to a test system, developed by Cell Network Industrisystem, used for transmission testing. By using Comtest, Volvo Cars' development department will be able to simulate the driving of future models. With the help of surrounding equipment, computers monitor the engine, collecting data about the behaviour of the transmission system - primarily the gear-box unit - under various conditions.

Cell Network Industrisystem has been working with the automotive industry for almost 20 years and has built up a lot of sector know-how. In fact, Volvo Cars is still using a test system supplied by Cell Network in 1988.

``We have in-depth knowledge about Volvo's business and are capable of supplying a turn-key system suitable for this rather special test,'' comments Jan Gunulf, Business Manager at Cell Network Industrisystem.

Comtest is a modern, PC-based system with an open platform. During tests, the computer system controls the engine and simulates different stresses. The system records readings such as pressure, rotational speed, torque and temperature, at high frequency. This enables Volvo to compile information about the life, quality and function of the transmission system.
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