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From my email:
We have a special class at our show, ItalianCarFest, this year. The Italian Connection - it will be a display of cars with partial Italian heritage. Cars styled by Italian firms like the BMW M1 and DeLorean. The Citroen SM (powered by Maserati), Cadillac Allante, etc. We would really like to find a Volvo Bertone coupe! So far, we have not been able to locate any from the other shows we have attended.
The show will be held on Saturday, September 8th in Grapevine, Texas.

ItalianCarFest http://www.italiancarfest.org/

If you have any suggestions on locating one, it would be greatly appreciated.


Garrick Whitnah

ducatiguy at gmail dot com

If you can show with your Bertone email Garrick.


George Dill
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