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Oh, and here's what I would recommend you do:

Wait for a nice hot day, and remove the badging from your car. Use some fishing line and kind of saw away at the letters, they should come off easily. Next clean up the old residue. Goo gone works well for this.

Next take your letters and remove the original adhesive off. This can be tedious, but it's a necessary step. Next, take an exacto knife (one made for models, with a fine tip) and get your letters taped up. What I did was cut off a square piece of tape, and stick it to the back of the letter. Then cut out the excess and get it so you can't see the tape from the front of the letter. When you're done, they should be ready to stick on with just one yank of the backing. Cutting the tape to fit the letters is tedious but so is peeling off a ton of backing in little tiny pieces.

Now get a piece of cardboard and some scotch tape. Draw a line along the cardboard with a straight edge. Now draw a line parallel to that with the distance between the two lines being the height of the letters. Now measure out what you want your spacing to be, and put that down in increments so you know where to put your letters. This way you can make sure they are all level and spaced properly.

Next put a bit of scotch tape on the back of the letters. tap the sticky side of the tape against your fingers a bit to get some of the adhesive off, so you are "watering down" the strength of the tape so to speak. Now tape the back of your letters and arrange them on your cardboard in the way you want them. They should all be spaced evenly, and level. Next take a long piece of masking tape and tape the whole thing. It should be one giant piece of tape over all your lettering. Then you can remove the letters from your cardboard, and you once you take the adhesive backing off the double sided tape, you are ready to apply it all to your car. Get a friend to help you and make sure it's centered, then stick them on. Press down on all of them firmly and make sure the tape is sticking. You should be able to remove the masking tape and have them all on there looking great.

I had to do this for my car, since the bodyshop did a really crappy job. IMO it looks factory again.

Don't forget to rewax your trunk lid because the goo gone will strip what you have on there now.

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