Might be going with a different option on my R, putting this up reluctantly. For my power goals this seems to be overkill but not pressed to sell. Extremely well built Volvo b5254t4. This build took over 6 months time. This is one of the best setups if you plan on making SERIOUS power.

B5254t4 Block - Media Cleaned W/oil pump and R oil pan cleaned and attached.
Darton Sleeved W/ 84mm
Wiseco 84mm Pistons 9.0:1
K1 Rods H-Beam 143mm Con rods
ARP Head Stud kit
Eight8 Fab Turbo Drain
Professionally machined & Ported Head W/Cams, lifters and hardware. (Not assembled).

Will also include Head gasket & Either media blasted R manifold or Japanifold, which ever the buyer prefers. Receipts of work performed by a very highly recommended machine shop are included.

Will post more pictures later in the week. Going to take some high res photos, engine is currently on a stand. Honestly though pictures don't do it justice, seeing the work in person is something special.

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